July 2015

Please note:  
Please report your sightings to Neil Randon at neil.randon@googlemail.com.

Fri, July 31 2015: am: 
1 RAVEN (N  over WC mound), 2 SISKIN (Chilmead Farm), 2 GADWALL (WC), 1 KESTREL (Chilmead Farm), 1 WATER RAIL (Spynes), 1 LITTLE OWL (Spynes), 1 SWIFT (WC), 2 KINGFISHER (1 WC, 1 Chilmead Ponds), 14 GREEN WOODPECKER, 9 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, c10 ROOK (Nutfield Ridge), 20 GOLDCREST (several family groups), 5 SWALLOW (Chilmead Farm and M.Farm), 35 HOUSE MARTIN (WC), 5 REED WARBLER (WC), 4 NUTHATCH, 2 TREECREEPER (Chilmead Ponds), 3 REED BUNTING (Moors and Spynes).
16 Species of butterfly inc Holly and Common Blue, Brown Argus and Small Copper
Plus: 10 Brown Hawkers, 8 Common Darters and 2 Southern Hawkers. Ray Baker

Thurs, July 30 2015: no reported sightings

Wed, July 29 2015: am: 1 BLACK-TAILED GODWIT (WC2 island).
Also: Roe deer (doe and fawn) M.Farm, Gatekeeper butterfly. Gordon Hay

BLACK-TAILED GODWIT WC2 island (Gordon Hay)
ROE DEER Doe and fawn, Mercer's Farm (Gordon Hay)

GATEKEEPER Mercer's Farm (Gordon Hay)
Tues, July 28 2015: 1 COMMON SANDPIPER (Spynes, on pipes). Gordon Hay

Mon, July 27 2015: pm: Purple Hairstreak butterfly (Spynes). Gordon Hay


Sun, July 26 2015: 06.00hrs-08:55hrs: 1 PEREGRINE (adult flying E over M.Farm continuing over M23), 1 COMMON TERN (adult calling continuously & carrying small fish, over WC2, then flew towards M.Lake), 2 SISKIN (over Middle Pit heading E), c10 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (WC), c20 MALLARD (incl female with 2 small ducklings Spynes), c55 TUFTED DUCK (incl 1 female with 2 small ducklings Spynes bullrush pool, 1 female with 8 small ducklings Spynes, & 1 female with 7 small ducklings M.West), 1 KESTREL (female Cormongers Lane), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (M.Farm), 10 LAPWING (Spynes), 1 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Spynes), 1 LITTLE OWL (oaks to S of Spynes), c4 SWIFT, 1 COAL TIT (prob juv. Mercers CP), c5 SAND MARTIN (Spynes), c25 HOUSE MARTIN (WC & Chilmead Lane), c3 BLACKCAP (incl c2 juv. Mercers CP), c2 NUTHATCH (incl 1 juv. Mercers CP, & presumably different juv. to N of Middle Pit), 1 TREECREEPER (by landfill, Moors), c8 GOLDFINCH (incl c2 juv. Moors). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Sat, July 25 2015: no reported sightings 

Fri, July 24 2015:1 OYSTERCATCHER (05.40hrs, flew from M.West direction to WC2 island, for 30mins then flew back), 1 PEREGRINE over WC mound. Ray Baker and Gordon Hay

Thurs, July 23 2015: late pm: 1 WATER RAIL (Spynes).  
Also: Purple Emperor butterfly (cycle path by Middle Pit, 1st site record). Gordon Hay

Mon, July 20 2015-Wed, July 22 2015: no reported sightings 

Sun, July 19 2015: 06.00hrs-08:45hrs: 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (low over Moors Pools by railway line), c21 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (WC), 1 SPARROWHAWK (over WC), c12 MOORHEN (incl. 2 juv. WC and 1 very small chick with 2 adults Moors Pools by railway line), c40 BLACK-HEADED GULL (incl 3 juvs M.Lake), c3 SWIFT, c4 GREEN WOODPECKER (incl. c1 juv.), c2 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER (incl. adult female & juv. horse paddocks M.Farm), c6 SAND MARTIN (Spynes), 1 SWALLOW (singing male Chilmead Lane), c15 HOUSE MARTIN (WC incl. several collecting mud from WC2 Island), c5 REED WARBLER (WC incl c2 juv.), c3 YELLOWHAMMER (2 males M.Farm, 1 male S of Spynes). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Sat, July 18 2015: no reported sightings 

Fri, July 17 2015: 1 OYSTERCATCHER (M.West). Gordon Hay



Wed, July 15 2015-Thurs, July 16 2015: no reported sightings
Tues, July 14 2015: 1 LITTLE EGRET (over Spynes), 2 COMMON TERN (M.Lake). Ray Baker

Mon, July 13 2015: pm: COMMON SANDPIPER (M.West), 3 COMMON TERN 1 adult, 2 juv. on WC2 island). Ray Baker

pm: 3 COMMON TERN (1 adult, 2 juveniles being fed by an adult on WC2 island). Matt Farmer
Sun, July 12 2015: 05.55hrs-08:40hrs: 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (M.West), c14 EGYPTIAN GEESE (WC), 3 GADWALL (2 Spynes, 1 WC1), 2 POCHARD (Spynes), c40 TUFTED DUCK (incl female with 2 ducklings Spynes), c40 COOT (Incl c8 Juvs), c6 LITTLE GREBE (Incl 3 Juvs Spynes), 1 KESTREL (Cormongers Lane), 2 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.West)c30 BLACK-HEADED GULL (incl 1 juv Moors), c2 STOCK DOVE (Moors), 1 LITTLE OWL (in hole in oak to S of Spynes), c10 SWIFT (M.West), 1 SWALLOW (WC), c20 HOUSE MARTIN (WC incl. several collecting mud from WC2 Island), c10 SAND MARTIN (Spynes), c6 REED WARBLER (WC incl. c2 juvs), 1 LESSER WHITETHROAT (singing male Middle Pit), 1 MISTLE THRUSH. Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay 

Sat, July 11 2015: 1 RED KITE (circling low over WC).
Also Southern Hawker at Spynes. Ray Baker 

Mon, July 6 2015-Fri, July 10 2015: no reported sightings 

Sun, July 5 2015: 05.55hrs-08:45hrs: c23 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (c21 WC, 2 Spynes), 10 3 GADWALL (Spynes), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (Cormongers Lane), LAPWING (over Spynes), c40 BLACK-HEADED GULL (incl c35 WC), 2 STOCK DOVE (1 M.Lake, 1 oaks S of Spynes), 1 LITTLE OWL (in hole in oak to S of Spynes), c10 SWIFT, c6 GREEN WOODPECKER (incl at least 1 juv), c20 LONG-TAILED TIT (majority juvs), 7 SWALLOW (family party Chilmead Lane incl 5 juvs), 1 LESSER WHITETHROAT (singing male Middle Pit), 1 MISTLE THRUSH (Nutfield Marsh), c5 YELLOWHAMMER (incl pair M.Farm & pair N.Marsh). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Sat, July 4 2015: no reported sightings

Fri, July 3 2015: 7 MEDITERRANEAN GULL (flew NE over Nutfield Ridge). Ray Baker

Wed, July 1 2015-Thurs, July 2 2015: no reported sightings