December 2013

Please note:  
Please report your sightings to Neil Randon at

Mon, 30 December 2013: 15.05hrs-16.35hrs: 1 SPARROWHAWK, 1 WATER RAIL (Moors), 2 KINGFISHER (1 Moors, 1 M.Lake), 2f SMEW (M.Lake), 10 MEADOW PIPIT (M.Farm), c100 FIELDFARE (M.Farm), c 120 REDWING (M.Farm & N.Marsh). Neil Hadden

Sun, 29 December 2013: 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West). via Surrey Bird Club

Fri, 27 December 2013-Sat, 28 December 2013: no reported sightings

Thurs, 26 December 2013: 11.00hrs-13.00hrs: 3 SKYLARK, 1 YELLOWHAMMER (all M.Farm), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (E of Spynes). Neil Hadden 

Mon, 23 December 2013-Wed, 25 December 2013: no reported sightings

Sun, 22 December, 2013: 2f SMEW (Moors pools), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (W end of M.Lake). Will Oliver 

Thurs, 19 December, 2013-Sat, 21 December 2013: no reported sightings

Wed, 18 December 2013: 2 SMEW (2 redhead, M.Lake), 2 CHIFFCHAFF (M.Lake). Graham James 

Tues, 17 December 2013: 2 SMEW (2 redhead, M.Lake). via Twitter

Mon, 16 December: no reported sightings

Sun, 15 December 2013: 1 m LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER (First for the year – 129th new species. M.Park), 2 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (trees overhanging S side of WC1), c27 TEAL (Incl c20 Moors), c30 SHOVELER (incl c26 Moors Pools), c5 POCHARD (c3 Spynes, 1 Moors Pools, 1 WC1), c2 SNIPE (Spynes), c3 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Spynes), c6 COMMON GULL, c4 FIELDFARE, c3 REDWING,4 f PHEASANT (field S of Spynes), 1 TREECREEPER (trees N side of M.Lake), 5 YELLOWHAMMER (hedge to West of M.Farm). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Fri, 13 December 2013-Sat, 14 December 2013: no reported sightings

Thurs, 12 December 2013: 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West). Gordon Hay
Mon, 9 December 2013-Wed, 11 December 2013: no reported sightings

Sun, 8 December 2013: 07.55hrs - 11.15hrs: c29 TEAL (incl c25 Moors), c17 SHOVELER (incl c11 Moors Pools), c4 POCHARD (c2 Spynes, 1 Moors Pools, 1 WC2), c57 GADWALL (incl c21 Moors Pools, c20 WC1), c42 CORMORANT (majority flying W from roost at Spynes), c9 SNIPE (Spynes), c3 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (incl 2 Spynes), c3 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c3 COMMON GULL,1 ROOK (1st Winter in trees by landfill, Cormongers Lane), c300 WOODPIGEON (incl c200 flying E/NE), c16 FIELDFARE (incl flock of c15 over WC Mound), 1 REDWING (N of Synes), c30 SKYLARK (M,Farm).
Also 1 ROE DEER on the N bank of M.West, near Middle Pit. Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Mon, 2 December 2013-Sat, 7 December 2013: no reported sightings

Sun, 1 December 2013: 07.45hrs - 11.00hrs: c10 POCHARD (c3 Spynes, c1 M.West, c6 Moors Pools), c26 TEAL (c1 Spynes, c25 Moors), c8 SHOVELER (2 Spynes, c6 Moors Pools), c46 GADWALL (c2 M.Lake, c5 Spynes, c2 M.West, c24 Moors Pools, c13 WC1), c14 SNIPE (c4 Spynes, c10 Moors Pools),  2 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (over Spynes), 2 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Nutfield Ridge), c2 COMMON GULL, 1 KESTREL (m Moors), c1 FIELDFARE (over Moors), 1 MISTLE THRUSH (Spynes), c3 BULLFINCH (South of Middle-Pit), 7 PHEASANT (1 m & 6 f field S of Spynes). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay