February 2013

Please note: Neil Randon has taken over the running of this blog from Thursday 16th Feb. Please report your sightings to Neil at neil.randon@googlemail.com from now on.

Wed Feb 27, 2013: 2 Raven seen flying SW over Redhill at 3.45pm. Neil Hadden

Mon Feb 25, 2013-Thurs Feb 28, 2013: no reported sightings

Sun Feb 24,2013: 7.20hrs - 11.00hrs: 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 4 POCHARD (1 Spynes, 3 WC1), c10 TEAL (2 Spynes, c6 Moors, 2 WC1), c8 SHOVELER (c7 Middle Pit, 1 Moors), c6 SNIPE (c4 Spynes, c2 M.West), 1 WATER RAIL (pool by Bridge near Railway Line, Moors), c42 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (c40 Spynes, c2 M.Lake), c10 COMMON GULL, (c4 Spynes, c6 Moors), 1 SPARROWHAWK (Over Chilmead Farm). 2 STOCK DOVE (Chilmead Farm), c40 PIED WAGTAIL (c5 sewage farm, c35 WC mound),c6 REDWING (M.Park), c67 FIELDFARE (oaks S of Spynes), 2 GREY WAGTAIL (1 sewage farm, 1 pool by bridge nr railway line, Moors), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (hedge by cycle path, Moors), 2 SISKIN (tree by sand track M.Park). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Sat Feb 23, 2013: no reported sightings

Fri Feb 22, 2013: 1 PEREGRINE (1st for year – 86th new species). Graham James 

Mon Feb 18, 2013-Thurs Feb 21,2013: no reported sightings

Sun Feb 17, 2013: 07.25hrs-11.00hrs: 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 2 SHELDUCK (pair Spynes), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (over sand track heading W), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (field S of Spynes), 3 POCHARD (1 Moors, 1 WC1, 1 WC2), c9 SHOVELER (c8 Mid-pit, 1 Moors), 1 WATER RAIL (pool by wooden bridge Moors), c29 TEAL (c11 Spynes, c6 M.West, c8 Moors, c4 WC1), c13 SNIPE (c5 Spynes, c8 Moors), c8 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (c4 Spynes, c4 Moors), c10 COMMON GULL, (c6 Spynes, c4 Moors), 1 ROOK (Landfill), 1 KINGFISHER (1 f Moors by railway line), 1 LITTLE OWL (Oaks S of Spynes), 1 STOCK DOVE (ash tree by Willow Wood M.Park), c8 REDWING (1 Spynes, c7 Cormongers Lane), c41 PIED WAGTAIL (c15 sewage farm, c26 WC mound), 1 m BULLFINCH (Spynes), 9 LESSER REDPOLL (Birch trees E end of Spynes), c6 SISKIN (Moors), 3 REED BUNTING (1 f Spynes overflow, 2 m Moors). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Sat Feb 16, 2013: 1500hrs-1700hrs: 3 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 SHELDUCK (Spynes), 24 YELLOWHAMMER (Mercer's Farm), c100 FIELDFARE (Chilmead Farm). Neil Hadden

Mon Feb 11, 2013-Fri Feb 15, 2013: no reported sightings

Sun Feb 10, 2013: 07.30hrs-10.55hrs: 2 SMEW (redheads, M.Lake), 2 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 4 POCHARD (2 Spynes, 1 WC1, 1 WC2), c14 TEAL (c9 Spynes, c3 Moors, c2 flood plain by sewage farm), 6 WIGEON (3 m & 3 f flood plain by sewage farm), c9 SHOVELER (c8 Middle Pit, 1 Moors), c13 SNIPE (Spynes), c6 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.Lake & Spynes), c10 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Spynes), c3 COMMON GULL, c12 FIELDFARE, 1 REDWING (WC Mound), c100 RING NECKED PARAKEET (7.35am in trees W end M.Lake), 3 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER (oaks S of Spynes), 1 KINGFISHER (Fordbridge), c4 HOUSE SPARROW (by 'Pig Field' nr Aqua Sports, M.Park). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Sat Feb 9, 2013: 3 SMEW (redheads WC1), 2 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 f GOLDENEYE, 1 SHELDUCK, 1 GREEN SANDPIPER, 4 WIGEON (1m and 3f on flood plain), 1 GREY WAGTAIL, c100 FIELDFARE (Chilmead Farm). Gordon Hay

Fri Feb 8, 2013: 11:00-14:00 1 SMEW (redhead) (M.Lake), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (floodplain by sewage farm), 5 GADWALL (4 M.Lake,1 WC1), 2 POCHARD (WC1), 2 MISTLE THRUSH (M.Lake), 2 REDWING (M.Lake), c2 FIELDFARE (M.Lake). Richard Perry

Thurs Feb 7, 2013: 1 LITTLE EGRET, 1 SHELDUCK, 1 f GOLDENEYE, c2,000 BLACK-HEADED GULL, 25 ROOK, c30 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm, ploughed field), 50 SHOVELER, 1 SPARROWHAWK. Gordon Hay

Tues Feb 5 - Wed Feb 6 2013: no reported sightings

Mon Feb 4, 2013: 16.00hrs-16.45hrs: 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 m SHELDUCK (Moors), LITTLE OWL (oak M.Farm), c25 FIELDFARE (over M.Farm). Neil Randon

15.00hrs: 1 RED KITE (over M.Lake – first for the year 85th new species). Gary and Rae Harder

Sun Feb 3, 2013: 7.40hrs-11.40hrs: 2 SMEW (2 Redheads WC1), 1 f GOLDENEYE (M West), 1 m SHELDUCK (Moors nr landfill), 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (over Spynes), 5 POCHARD (1 M.West, 2 Spynes, 2 WC1), c23 TEAL (c9 Spynes, 2 Middle Pit, c10 Moors, c2 flood plain by sewage farm), c24 SHOVELER (c20 Middle Pit, 1 Moors, 3 WC1), c14 SNIPE (c11 Spynes, c3 Moors), c15 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.Lake & Spynes), c40 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (c35 Spynes, c5 Nutfield Ridge), c10 COMMON GULL, 2 LITTLE OWL (1 in hole oak M.Farm, 1 in hole oaks S of Spynes),1 m PHEASANT (behind Spynes overflow), 1 STOCK DOVE (M.Park), 1 MEADOW PIPIT (Sewage Farm), c26 REDWING (c22 M.Park, c4 Moors), c1 FIELDFARE, 2 MISTLE THRUSH (M.Park). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Fri Feb 1, 2013-Sat Feb 2, 2013: no sightings reported