November 2014

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Sun, 30 November 2014: 15.00hrs: 3 SMEW (Redheads, WC1). Alastair Rubie

07.35hrs-11.15hrs: 2 SMEW (Redheads WC1), 2 EGYPTIAN GEESE (M Farm), 1 WIGEON (male Moors pools), c74 TEAL (4 Spynes, c70 Moors), c14 SHOVELER (c4 Spynes, c8 Moors pools, c2 WC1), 5 POCHARD (1 Spynes, 4 WC1), 3 PHEASANT (males M.Farm), 1 SPARROWHAWK (male over Moors), c2 COMMON SNIPE (Moors pools), c5 COMMON GULL (1 Spynes, 1 Moors Pools, c3 WC1), c2 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 1 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M West), 1 STOCK DOVE (Chilmead Farm), 1 LITTLE OWL (Mercers Farm), c4 GOLDCREST, 1 CHIFFCHAFF (in small waterside Willows WC2), c8 FIELDFARE (2 M.Farm, c6 Moors), c25 REDWING (Over Moors), 2 STONECHAT (pair Moors), c12 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm).

Also, 1 Weasel, amongst some roofing debris, fly-tipped by the cycle path nr Cormongers Lane orchard. Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Fri, 28 November 2014-Sat, 29 November 2014: no reported sightings

Thurs, 27 November 2014: am: 1f PINTAIL (on the flooded field of WC1), 1 WIGEON, 28 SHOVELER, c140 TEAL, c40 GADWALL, 2 STONECHAT, 5 CHIFFCHAFF. Gordon Hay
Mon, 24 November 2014-Wed, 26 November 2014: no reported sightings

Sun, 23 November 2014: 07.40hrs-10.10hrs: 1 EGYPTIAN GEESE (M.Lake), 1 WIGEON (male Moors Pools), 3 POCHARD (WC1),  c17 SHOVELER (2 Spynes, c12 Moors Pools, 3 WC1), c62 TEAL (2 Spynes, c60 Moors), c80 MALLARD (Moors Pools), c8 COMMON SNIPE (1 over Spynes, c7 Moors),1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), 2 COMMON BUZZARD (M.Farm), 1 KESTREL (imm male M.Farm), c6 PHEASANT (c5 Males & 1 f M Farm), c15 REDWING, c18 FIELDFARE (incl c6 Spynes & c12 over Moors), c30 SKYLARK (M.Farm), c5 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm).
Also, 2 Weasels fighting in hedgerow, E end of Spynes. Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Mon, 17 November 2014-Sat, 22 November 2014: no reported sightings

Sun, 16 November 2014: 07.40hrs-11.30hrs: 1 CETTI'S WARBLER (Spynes bullrush pool. First for the year. 4th site record), 2 STONECHAT (pair Moors), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (NW corner M.Farm), 2 EGYPTIAN GEESE (field S of Spynes), 3 WIGEON (2 m & 1 f Moors pools), 2 POCHARD (pair WC1), c8 SHOVELER (c2 Spynes, c2 Moors pools, 4 WC1), c51 TEAL (1 Spynes, c50 Moors), c2 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c12 COMMON GULL (3 M.West, 3 Spynes, c6 Moors), c5 COMMON SNIPE (Spynes), c8 STOCK DOVE (c6 M.Farm, 2 Chilmead Farm), 1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (M.Farm), 2 KESTREL (1 imm male Spynes), 1 f Chilmead Farm, 2 PHEASANT (male M.Farm, f Moors), 4 MISTLE THRUSH (c2 Spynes, 2 WC), c15 FIELDFARE (incl c12 in tree to NE of Spynes), c6 REDWING, 2 KINGFISHER (1 M.Lake, 1 WC), c6 GOLDCREST, c6 YELLOWHAMMER (on cycle path in NW corner M.Farm). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Fri, 14 November 2014-Sat, 15 November, 2014: no reported sightings

Thurs, 13 November 2014: 1 KINGFISHER, c70 TEAL, 24 GADWALL, 9 SHOVELER, 2 WIGEON, 7 COMMON SNIPE, 19 LAPWING (all Moors pools). Matt Farmer

Mon, 10 November 2014-Wed, 12 November 2014: no reported sightings

Sun, 9 November 2014: 07.30hrs-12.10 pm: 2 STONECHAT (pair Moors), 74 CANADA GEESE (Moors), 2 EGYPTIAN GEESE (over Moors), 3 WIGEON (1 m Moors Pools, 2m WC1), 6 POCHARD, 17 SHOVELER, c91 TEAL (1 Spynes, c90 Moors), 76 MALLARD, 116 TUFTED DUCK, 37 GADWALL, 113 COOT, 24 LITTLE GREBE, 24 MOORHEN, 20 COMMON SNIPE (14 Spynes, 6 Moors), c3 COMMON GULL, 1 COMMON BUZZARD (tree by M23), c12 FIELDFARE (over Moors), 1 LITTLE OWL (oaks S of Spynes), c6 STOCK DOVE (M.Farm), 4 MISTLE THRUSH (Spynes), 3 KINGFISHER (2 M.Lake, 1 WC1), 1 f PHEASANT (M.Park), c2 SKYLARK (M.Farm, incl 1 singing male).
Also 1 RED ADMIRAL Butterfly (WC1). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Mon, 3 November-Sat, 8 November 2014: no reported sightings

Sun, 2 November 2014: 08.00hrs-11.05hrs: 2 STONECHAT (Pair Moors), 1 FIELDFARE (over Moors), c5 SHOVELER (c3 Moors Pool, c2 WC1), c150 TEAL (Moors - poss. record count for Holmethorpe), 1 GREAT BLACK-BACKED Gull (adult Spynes), c3 COMMON GULL, c17 COMMON SNIPE (c9 Spynes, c8 Moors), 1 KESTREL (M.Farm), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (on ground M.Farm), c150 GOLDFINCH (c60 M.Farm, c90 Moors), c415 STARLING (flying SW in flocks of between 10 and 90), c9 WIGEON (c6 males and c 3 f/imm WC1), 1 MISTLE THRUSH (Chilmead Lane), c10 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm).
Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay