December 2010


Fri 31 Dec 2010: p.m. 2 WIGEON (m & f, M.Lake). Thomas & Jerry

a.m. 1m BRAMBLING (hedge by dung heaps at M.Farm), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 3 POCHARD, 26 GADWALL, 22 TEAL, 1 SHOVELER, 1 COMMON SNIPE (M.west), 2 WATER RAIL (heard M.Lake), 35 RING-NECKED PARAKEET (Moors), 12 REDWING, 4 FIELDFARE, 21 SKYLARK (mainly over M.Farm), 15 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm), 4 LESSER REDPOLL (M.CP car park), c40 GOLDFINCH (M.Farm), 2 REED BUNTING, 4 STOCK DOVE (M.Farm), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (M.Farm),1 SPARROWHAWK. (52 species seen.) Graham

BRAMBLING male (Graham)-------------------------------COMMON BUZZARD (Graham)

Thurs 30 Dec 2010: p.m. c1,000 BLACK-HEADED GULL (c500 WC, c400 M.CP, 115 M.West), 13 COMMON GULL, c230 HERRING GULL, 80 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 5 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 11 POCHARD, 2 WIGEON (M.Lake), 12 TEAL, 18 GADWALL, 1 WATER RAIL (M.Lake), 5 SISKIN (M.CP), 1 SKYLARK, 2 COMMON SNIPE (M.West), 157 LAPWING (M.West), 1 LITTLE OWL (on top of dead tree N end of Spynes cycle track). Jerry

08.10hrs-11.20hrs. 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 55 RING-NECKED PARAKEET (left roost at Moors), 7 WIGEON (5 over WC2, 2 M.Lake), 8 POCHARD, 8 SHOVELER, 21 GADWALL, 28 TEAL, 5 GREYLAG GOOSE, 7 CANADA GOOSE, 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (M.West), 9 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 22 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c80 HERRING GULL, 8 COMMON GULL, c200 BLACK-HEADED GULL (plus at least 1000 gulls over landfill site), 58 FIELDFARE, 43 REDWING, c90 GOLDFINCH (M.Farm & Moors), 9 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm), 7 MUTE SWAN, 8 LAPWING, 4 COMMON SNIPE, 1 REED BUNTING, 4 CORMORANT, 1 GREY WAGTAIL (sewage works). (No sign of Smew or Goldeneye.) (51 species seen.) Graham

LITTLE EGRET (Graham)-------------------------------------REDWINGS (Graham)

SISKIN male (Jerry)Jerry)SISKIN male (Jerry)----------------SISKIN male (Jerry)

at WC2 (Graham)

Weds 29 Dec 2010: Thick mist all day. p.m. 30 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm), 5 POCHARD (M.Lake), c350 HERRING GULL (M,West). Gordon

Tues 28 Dec 2010: a.m. Thickening mist, limited visiblity. 3 WATER RAIL (1 Fordbridge, 2 heard M.Lake), 1 KINGFISHER (Fordbridge), 2 SHOVELER (Moors - Gordon), 70+ REDWING (railway line - Gordon), 6 FIELDFARE (M.CP), 7 BULLFINCH, 1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), 2 REDPOLL sp, (over). (No sign of Smew or Goldeneye but may still be present.) Gordon & Graham

08.05hrs-12.00hrs. 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 3 COMMON SNIPE (Moors), 13+ SHOVELER (mainly Moors), 2 POCHARD (M.Lake), 19+ SISKIN (M.CP), 1 LITTLE OWL (oaks to S of Spynes), 18+ TEAL (mainly M.West), 48 CANADA GOOSE (Moors), 8+ COMMON GULL, 2+ LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.Lake), 2+ GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.Lake), 1m KESTREL (Moors), 3 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, 25+ FIELDFARE (Moors), 8+ REDWING, 4 BULLFINCH (M.CP), 1 NUTHATCH (Nutfield Churchyard). Ian

Mon 27 Dec 2010: 1 NUTHATCH, 2 LESSER REDPOLL, 2 GOLDCREST (all Nutfield Church). Jerry

a.m. 3f SMEW (M.Lake), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.Lake), 3 WATER RAIL (2 M.Lake, 1 Fordbridge), 1 BRAMBLING (over near Landfill - Gordon), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (Gordon), 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors-Gordon), 1 KINGFISHER (M.Lake), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (Spynes), c15 GADWALL, 78 MALLARD, 5 POCHARD, 4 SHOVELER, 68 TEAL (M.West), 82 CANADA GOOSE (Moors), 1 GREYLAG GOOSE, 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (over), 240+ COOT, 13 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.Lake), 14 COMMON SNIPE (3 M.West, 11 Moors), 2 KESTREL, 1 SPARROWHAWK, 1 REED BUNTING (heard Spynes), 1 GOLDCREST (M.CP), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (sewage works - Gordon), 5 MEADOW PIPIT (sewage works - Gordon), 5 SISKIN (Gordon). Gordon & Graham

SMEW (Graham)---------------------------------------------GOLDENEYE (Graham)

KINGFISHER (Graham)---------------------------------------COMMON BUZZARD (Graham)

Sun 26 Dec 2010: a.m. 3f SMEW (M.Lake), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.Lake), 2 WATER RAIL (heard near sewage works), 2 KINGFISHER, c25 SKYLARK (over), 18 LESSER REDPOLL, 3 SISKIN. Gordon

11.00hrs-14.25hrs. 3f SMEW (E end of M.Lake), 1f GOLDENEYE (E end of M.Lake), 250+ TUFTED DUCK, 9 POCHARD, 8 SHOVELER, 40+ TEAL, 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (M.West), 20+ COMMON GULL, 30+ LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 15+ GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 1 WATER RAIL (W end of M.Lake), 8+ COMMON SNIPE (2 over M.West, 6+ Moors), 5 LAPWING, 1 COMMON BUZZARD, 1 KINGFISHER (M.Lake), 12+ FIELDFARE, 5+ REDWING, 4+ MEADOW PIPIT (sewage works), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (sewage works), 2 GOLDCREST (M.CP), 60+ GOLDFINCH (Moors). Ian

10.00hrs-12.00hrs. 2f SMEW (M.Lake), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.Lake), 1 GOLDCREST (M.CP car park), 6 SISKIN, 1 COMMON BUZZARD (hunting low over M.Farm). Paul (videos of the Goldeneye and the two female Smew - click here )


Sat 25 Dec 2010: a.m. 12 WAXWING (by railway near Euro Car Parts on Holmethorpe Ind. Est for 10 mins before flying off over local patch), 1f SMEW (M.Lake), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 1 LITTLE EGRET (Fordbridge), 90 TEAL (78 M.West, 12 pool by Cormongers Lane orchard), c12 SHOVELER, c30 GADWALL, 8 POCHARD, 88 CANADA GOOSE (Moors), 15 COMMON SNIPE (short grass area of Moors near railway/WC mound), c130 LAPWING, 11 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 77 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c150 COMMON GULL, 1 COMMON BUZZARD (M.West, over then perched on sign on bank), 70 REDWING, c12 FIELDFARE, c180 GOLDFINCH (in flock at Moors), 2 LESSER REDPOLL (M.CP), 5 SISKIN (over). Gordon

(09.50hrs. A male Blackcap in gardens in South Merstham.) Graham

BLACKCAP South Merstham (Graham)

Fri 24 Dec 2010: No reported sightings.

Thurs 23 Dec 2010: No reported sightings.

Weds 22 Dec 2010: a.m. 2f (poss 3f) SMEW (M.Lake), 1m WIGEON (M.Lake), 5 POCHARD (2 WC2, 2 M.Lake), 4 SHOVELER (3 M.Lake, 1 M.West), 23 GADWALL, 14 TEAL, 1 WATER RAIL (Fordbridge), 1 KINGFISHER (M.Lake), 9 FIELDFARE (Moors), 1 KESTREL (M.West), 2 SISKIN (M.CP), 50+ GOLDFINCH (by railway line - Paul). Paul & Graham

SMEW (Graham)

Tues 21 Dec 2010: a.m. 1 f/1st-winter m GOLDENEYE (M.Lake), 4 POCHARD, 27 GADWALL,, 4 WIGEON (2m & 2f M.Lake), 22 TEAL (2 M.Lake, 20 M.West), 1m SHOVELER (M.West), 5 WATER RAIL (2 seen Moors side of Fordbridge, 2 seen W end of M.Lake, 1 heard along S bank of M.Lake), 258 LAPWING (Spynes/M.West), 1 COMMON SNIPE (Fordbridge), 2 KINGFISHER (M.Lake), 4 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.Lake), 3 GOLDCREST (M.CP), 1f BULLFINCH (Spynes). (No sign of Smew.) Graham

(A late unconfirmed report of what could have been a Tree Sparrow, mid-last week, perched alone in bushes along the southern side of Mercers CP. Described as having cheek spots.)

GOLDENEYE (Graham)-------------------------------------GOLDENEYE (Graham)

WATER RAIL (Graham)-------------------------------------KINGFISHER (Graham)

Mon 20 Dec 2010: a.m. 2f SMEW (M.Lake), 1 1st-w m GOLDENEYE (M.Lake), 39 GADWALL, 7 POCHARD, 17 WIGEON, 7 POCHARD , 6 SHOVELER (all M.Lake), 2 KINGFISHER (1 Fordbridge, 1 M.Lake), 3 COMMON SNIPE (Fordbridge, by brook), 2 TEAL (Fordbridge (in brook), 1 WATER RAIL (Fordbridge), 12 LESSER REDPOLL (M.CP), 1 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (over). (M. Lake - about 50% frozen, wildfowl concentrated along edge of S bank and at E end. M.West & Spynes - 90% frozen, Water Colour Lagoons (lagoon 1 -100%; lagoon 2 - 90% frozen.) Graham

SMEW female (Graham)

SMEW female (Graham)------------------------------------LESSER REDPOLL (Graham)

Sun 19 Dec 2010: 09.30hrs-13.00hrs. 1f SMEW (eastern end of M.Lake, elusive under overhanging branches by bank), 4 WIGEON (2m & 2f eastern end M.Lake), 9+ POCHARD, 15+ SHOVELER, 40+ TEAL (M.West), 5 COMMON SNIPE, 230+ LAPWING, 40+ LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 4+ GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 20+ COMMON GULL, 1 SPARROWHAWK, 1f KESTREL, up to 4 KINGFISHER, 1 SKYLARK (over M.Farm), 20+ FIELDFARE, 5+ REDWING, 1 CHIFFCHAFF (M.CP car park), 1 GOLDCREST (M.CP). Ian

a.m. 3f SMEW (M.Lake), 3 GOLDENEYE (1 ad.f & 1 1st-w.m M.Lake; 1 1st-w.f M.West) 4 KINGFISHER, 4 WIGEON (2m & 2f M.Lake), c70 GADWALL, c35 SHOVELER, c55 TEAL, c20 POCHARD, c10 COMMON SNIPE, c240 LAPWING, 1 SPARROWHAWK, 1 KESTREL, c12 SKYLARK (heading SW), c80 FIELDFARE, c30 REDWING, 20 LESSER REDPOLL (feeding in silver birch M.CP), 3 SISKIN, 1 BULLFINCH, 12 GREENFINCH, c140 GOLDFINCH . Gordon

(A Blackbird and a Song Thrush simultaneously crashed into a window at Richard's Nutfield home this morning (less than a metre from Richard's face), hotly pursued by a Sparrowhawk, which just managed to avoid the same fate - Richard's photo below.)


Sat 18 Dec 2010: (approx. 13.15hrs. 19 (number rose to 22) Waxwings, Godstone Hill, Godstone - Shell garage area.) Gordon

p.m. 3f (poss.4) SMEW, 1 ad.f GOLDENEYE, 340 TUFTED DUCK (site record count), 20+ POCHARD (all M.Lake), 17 SHOVELER (2 M.Lake, 15 M.West), c48 GADWALL (10 M.Lake, c30 M.West, 8 Spynes), 45 TEAL (M.West), 35 LITTLE GREBE (M.West), 240 LAPWING (Spynes/M.West), 24 CORMORANT (M.Lake), 2 WATER RAIL (M.Lake), 4 GREY HERON (M.Lake), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (M.CP), c30 LINNET (Spynes), 1m SPARROWHAWK, 1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), 45 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 2 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, c250 HERRING GULL (all M.Lake). Gordon

Fri 17 Dec 2010:
(approx. 12.30hrs. 1 Waxwing perched in Catlin Gardens, Godstone.) Gordon

(Paul's photos and videos of the juv. White-tailed Eagle at Amberley Wild Brooks last Sunday -click here

early a.m. A brief visit in freezing conditions. 25 TEAL, 16 SHOVELER, 69 CANADA GOOSE, c40 GOLDFINCH, c20 REDWING (all Moors). (No sign of the reported Barn Owl - the identification may prove to be erroneous.)

after his feeders in Redhill attracted a male
on 1st December, a pair turned up today in
Jerry's garden.

Thurs 16 Dec 2010: (An unconfirmed report from a non-birding resident at Water Colours of a Barn Owl seen on Tuesday and again this morning, both times at dawn, quartering The Moors at the Cormongers Lane end.)

10.10hrs. 5 POCHARD, 3 LAPWING (on island), 1 LITTLE GREBE, mixed packets of Tufted Duck, Coot & Mallard. (all WC2), 10.20hrs. 132 MALLARD, 2 GADWALL, 8 SHOVELER, 2 COMMON SNIPE, 1 CAYUGA-type hybrid. No sign of Waxwings. Simon Elson

a.m. 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 KINGFISHER (WC2), 1 SPARROWHAWK (M.CP), 1m KESTREL (M.West), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (M.West), 7 POCHARD, 57 GADWALL, 3 SHOVELER, 25 TEAL, 6 GREAT CRESTED GREBE (M.Lake), 29 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm), 2f PHEASANT (M.Farm)1f BULLFINCH (Spynes), 2 SKYLARK (over), c40 REDWING, c10 FIELDFARE (thrushes mainly by railway line), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (calling by WC mound), c800 BLACK-HEADED GULL, c80 HERRING GULL, c10 COMMON GULL, c15 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (all WC1, with 1000+ more gulls over landfill). (No sign of Waxwings or Smew.)

KESTREL male (Graham)

Weds 15 Dec 2010: p.m. at least 1f SMEW (M.Lake, eastern end). Gordon

a.m. 2f SMEW (M.Lake, at eastern end), c1500 BLACK-HEADED GULL, c80 HERRING GULL, c20 COMMON GULL, 33 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (all M.Lake & WC lagoons), 1 SHOVELER, 2 POCHARD, c20 GADWALL (all M.Lake), 1f KESTREL (railway behind WC), 1m SPARROWHAWK (flew from hedge by WC2). (No sign of Waxwings up to 10.30hrs but probably still in area.) Graham

SMEW females (Graham)

SMEW females (Graham)---------------------------------KESTREL female (Graham)

Tues 14 Dec 2010: a.m. 19 WAXWING (19 in silver birch by WC side of railway line at 09.43hrs; 19 in tree by Euro Car Parts on ind. est. side of railway at 09.52hrs; 4 in same tree and on hawthorns by Euro Car parts at 10.04hrs), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (over), 6 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (WC2), 4 POCHARD (WC2), 9 GADWALL (M.Lake), 2 SHOVELER (M.Lake). Graham


Mon 13 Dec 2010: early p.m. No sign of Waxwings. Still good, but lesser, numbers of REDWING and FIELDFARE. 1 KINGFISHER (flying down brook by railway line at WC), 1 SKYLARK (over), 1f POCHARD (WC lagoons). Matt

c10.00hrs c30 SISKIN, c30 GOLDFINCH (in alders at Moors). Richard

07.45hrs-10.20hrs. Very misty.
1 WATER RAIL (Fordbridge - obviously not the Kestrel's prey as suspected on the 9th), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (WC ditch), 2 KINGFISHER (1 M.Lake, 1 WC2), 1 CHIFFCHAFF (M.CP), 2 MISTLE THRUSH (WC entrance). (No sign of Waxwings between 07.55hrs-08.35hrs or 09.35hrs-10.00hrs.) Graham

KINGFISHER male (Graham)

Sun 12 Dec 2010: 11.30hrs. 30 WAXWING (still near railway line at Euro Car Parts unit on Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, though mobile). observer unknown

a.m. 15 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm).
Simon Trenerry


a.m. 10 WAXWING (flew over Euro Car Parts by railway line at Holmethorpe Ind. Est. at 08.05hrs; 3 over same site at 08.35hrs; 9 perched in tree at same site at 09.15hrs - proving more elusive this morning), 67 COOT (WC2), 2 SHOVELER (WC2), 1 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (over WC2), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (over by railway line), 5 LINNET, c30 REDWING, c20 FIELDFARE, 1m SPARROWHAWK, 1 SKYLARK (over), 1 REED BUNTING (all by railway line behind Water Colours). Graham

WAXWINGS (Graham) more photos and videos click

Sat 11 Dec 2010: 14.50hrs. 33 WAXWING (in trees & hawthorns on Eurocars side of railway). Gordon

p.m. Flock of WAXWING (by roundabout nr. Holmethorpe entrance to Water Colour), 1 KINGFISHER (along Gatton Brook), 1 GOLDCREST (by railway line). Thomas & Jerry

approx 14.15hrs. 1f SMEW (viewable from gate at M. West Pit), 1f GOLDENEYE, 7 SISKIN, 2 LESSER REDPOLL (over), 15 GREAT CRESTED GREBE (M.Lake), 70+ TEAL, c140 LAPWING, 1 SPARROWHAWK. Gordon

11.18hrs 22 WAXWING (in hawthorn and ash tree tops Holmethorpe industrial estate side of railway line. Constantly disturbed by passing trains and decamped into centre of estate where vacant plot with tree belt, before eventually moving off westwards beyond Frenches Road. Interestingly feeding on ground in vacant plot – seed heads? In company of Redwings and, to lesser degree, Fieldfare. Simon Elson

a.m. c30 WAXWING (in trees & hawthorns & in flight Eurocars side of railway). Neil & Kevin

08.35hrs-09.50hrs. c30 WAXWING (in trees & hawthorns & in flight Eurocars side of railway), 1 LITTLE EGRET (over railway line). Graham

a.m. 91 MALLARD (Moors), 8 COMMON GULL(Moors & WC), 1 SONG THRUSH, 22 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Moors & WC), 78 CANADA GOOSE (WC), 1 KINGFISHER (in flight WC), 1 SPARROWHAWK (Moors), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (M.West), 7 POCHARD (M.West), 28 FIELDFARE (over Spynes), 1f REED BUNTING (Spynes), 1 LITTLE EGRET (over Spynes).

08.05hrs 17 WAXWING (Eurocars side of railway). Kevin

07.55hrs. c10 WAXWING in tree & in flight Eurocars side of railway. Kevin (Kevin's 97th Holmethorpe tick and 89th for the year.)

Some more of Derek Washington's photos from yesterday - click

WAXWING (Kevin)---------------------------------------WAXWING (Kevin)

FIELDFARE (Kevin)---------------------------------------------FIELDFARE (Graham)

WAXWINGS (Graham)----------------------------------------WAXWINGS (Graham)

WAXWING (Graham)

Fri 10 Dec 2010:
14.30hrs. 25+ WAXWING (industrial estate side of railway). Ian Jones

approx 14.00hrs. c30 WAXWING flew over railway line behind Water Colours and fed on hawthorns on the industrial estate by Eurocars before flying off when disturbed by passing train. Matt

11.20hrs. 24 WAXWING (on trees on railway bank at end of Holmethorpe Avenue, Holmethorpe Industrial Estate. Very mobile. Flew off after about 5 mins low to W), 2 KINGFISHER, 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (all along stream on WC side of railway).
Derek Washington (more of Derek's superb photos of the Waxwings - click here)

WAXWINGS (Derek Washington) with many thanks for these superb photos Derek.

c11.00hrs. 1 CETTI'S WARBLER (seen and heard calling by Spynes overflow pool - first for year - 3rd Holmethorpe record). Paul

11.00hrs. 20 WAXWING (Frenches Road, Redhill - a short while later 3 by Eurocars at Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, 17 remained in tree in Frenches Road.) Neil

a.m. 1 CURLEW (flew west over Moors at 09.45hrs), 1 LITTLE EGRET (over M.Farm), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 4 WIGEON (2m & 2f M.West), 1m BRAMBLING (by railway line WC - Graham), 1 COMMON SNIPE (flew from WC2), 1 GREY WAGTAIL, 8 LINNET, 2 GOLDCREST (1 Moors - Ian Jones, 1 M.CP), 2 TREECREEPER (1 M.Cp, 1 by Spynes overflow pond), 3 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (2 Moors - Ian Jones, 1 M.West), 1 KINGFISHER (M.Lake - David Fernleigh), 5 POCHARD, 40+ GADWALL, c8 TEAL. Graham, Ian Jones (from Wallington), David Fernleigh (from Woking)

Thurs 9 Dec 2010:
p.m. c250 TUFTED DUCK (M.Lake), 2 SISKIN, 45 TEAL (M.West). Gordon

p.m. 1 COMMON BUZZARD (from WC mound). Also missed the Waxwings by seconds! Matt

p.m. 1m KINGFISHER, 7 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (3 WC, 4 Moors), 1 LITTLE EGRET (flew into ditch behind WC), c20 FIELDFARE, c30 REDWING, 13 COMMON SNIPE (Moors), 2 GREEN SANDPIPER (flew into ditch behind WC). Missed the Waxwings by seconds! Kevin

KINGFISHER male (Kevin)

approx. 13.10hrs. c30 WAXWING flew from by railway line behind WC towards M.CP), 1 LITTLE EGRET (over WC), 1 KINGFISHER.

FIELDFARE (Paul)-------------------------------------------WAXWINGS part of flock of c30 (Paul)

late a.m/p.m. c100 REDWING (flew from railway embankment behind WC), 35 LINNET (behind security fence WC). No sign of Waxwings. Derek Washington (more of Derek's photos - click here)

LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Derek)------------------------------------LINNETS (Derek)

FIELDFARE (Derek)-----------------------------------------------------REDWING (Derek)

a.m. 1 WAXWING (in hawthorn behind WC mound), 5 CURLEW (over heading S towards landfill - first for year). Graham & Jerry

a.m. 1 COMMON SNIPE (WC1), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (flew N over WC lagoons), 1 SPARROWHAWK, 1m KESTREL, 7 WAXWING (briefly by railway line behind WC at 08.38hrs), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (over), c25 TEAL, 8 GADWALL, 4 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (inc. one pair copulating), 5 SHOVELER, 2 CHIFFCHAFF (all Moors). Graham

more photos - click

REDWING (Graham)------------------------------------------ CURLEW (Graham)

BRAMBLING male in Paul's Bletchingley garden.

Weds 8 Dec 2010: approx. 15.20hrs. 2 GREEN SANDPIPER (over) 1 SPARROWHAWK (no further sign of Waxwings). Paul & Des

14.10hrs-15.00hrs. 5 WAXWING still present. Neil, Des, Gordon & Graham

approx. 13.40hrs 10 WAXWING back in hawthorns by railway line behind WC. Neil Randon & Des Ball

07.00hrs-09.00hrs. No sign of Waxwings.
c40 FIELDFARE, c20 REDWING, 3 REED BUNTING (in hawthorns by railway line behind WC). Graham (with Eric Davies, Peter Brooker, Neil & Paul)

a.m. 1 KINGFISHER, 2 COMMON SNIPE, 40+ TEAL (all Moors), 20 LESSER REDPOLL, 1 TREECREEPER (all M.CP car park), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (M.West). Paul (Paul's excellent videos of Lesser Redpolls - click here)


Tues 7 Dec 2010: 19 WAXWING in trees by railway line behind WC lagoons at 16.10hrs. Richard Perry
(only the 3rd Holmethorpe record of this species.)

2+ BRAMBLING (Moors). Des Ball (Very late news: Des had a Spotted Flycatcher at the patch in mid-September)

a.m. 9 FIELDFARE (by WC1), 29 POCHARD (6 WC2, 4 M.Lake, 6 M.West, 13 Spynes), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 13 SHOVELER (2 M.Lake, 11 M.West), 73 GADWALL (5 M.Lake, 14 Spynes, 54 M.West), 18 TEAL (4 Spynes, 14 M.West), 42 LITTLE GREBE, 2 WATER RAIL (1 M.Lake, 1 Moors side of Fordbridge), 2 COMMON SNIPE (M.West), 1 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL (M.West), 1 KINGFISHER (M.Lake), 51 SISKIN (feeding flocks of 39 & 12 M.CP), 1 COAL TIT (M.CP car park), 1 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm).

SISKINS (Graham)-------------------------------------GOLDENEYE (Graham)

BRAMBLING on garden feeders at Nutfield. (Richard)

Mon 6 Dec 2010:
No reported sightings.

Sun 5 Dec 2010: late a.m. 59 COOT, 21 MOORHEN, 22 SHOVELER, 33 TEAL (Moors Pools-one appeared to have partial white stripe down LH breast side (like Green-winged) but was not visible on RH side), 62 MALLARD, 3 POCHARD (1m, 2f), 6 TUFTED DUCK, 3 LITTLE GREBE, c100 BLACK-HEADED GULL, 49 HERRING GULL, 7 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 3 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 4 COMMON GULL, 4 LAPWING, c70 SKYLARK over NE, c90 FIELDFARE, 11 COMMON SNIPE, 5 REDPOLL sp. over, 1f KINGFISHER, 1f KESTREL, 2 MEADOW PIPIT, 2 BULLFINCH, c60 GOLDFINCH, 1 GREEN WOODPECKER. (all Moors/WC) Jerry



Sat 4 Dec 2010:
p.m. 2f SMEW (M.Lake - disturbed by boat and took flight, may still be in area), 2 GOLDENEYE (1f & 1f or 1st-w m M.West), at least 300 TUFTED DUCK (new record count), 22 POCHARD, 55 SHOVELER, 100+ GADWALL, 2 WIGEON (M.West), 65+ TEAL, 35+ LITTLE GREBE, 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (M.West), 1 SPARROWHAWK, 1 KESTREL, c45 FIELDFARE, c12 REDWING, 3 YELLOWHAMMER, 1 REED BUNTING, 7 SKYLARK (over), c45 GOLDFINCH (M.Farm), c10 LAPWING, 1 WATER RAIL (heard Spynes). Gordon

(16.05hrs. c15 Canada/Greylag Geese over South Merstham heading towards local patch from direction of Gatton. One smaller grey goose amongst them.) Graham

(Meadow Pipit & male Sparrowhawk in gardens at South Merstham early p.m.) Sue & Graham

Fri 3 Dec 2010:
a.m. 1f SMEW (M.Lake - Gordon), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 2 MANDARIN (pair M. Lake), 13 POCHARD, 42 SHOVELER, 116 GADWALL (new record count), c70 TEAL, 16 WIGEON, 1 SHELDUCK (M.West), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (M.West), 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors side of Fordbridge), 1 (poss. 2) SPARROWHAWK, 3 WATER RAIL (1 seen Fordbridge, 1 heard Spynes, 1 heard M. Lake), 9 COMMON SNIPE, 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (M.West), c20 CHAFFINCH, 3 SISKIN (Gordon), 1 NUTHATCH (Gordon), 1
TREECREEPER (Gordon), c70 GOLDFINCH (Gordon), 11 REDWING, c20 FIELDFARE, 25 SKYLARK (11 flew SW, 14 flew W), 1 GREY WAGTAIL (M.West), 4 GOLDCREST (M.CP), 3 LINNET, 6 CHIFFCHAFF (M.CP), 1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), 1 KINGFISHER (M.Lake). Gordon & Graham

CANADA GEESE over WC2 (Graham)----------WIGEON, SHOVELER & GADWALL at M.West (Graham)

Thurs 2 Dec 2010: (08.55hrs. A Common Snipe flew W over gardens in South Merstham and a large number of Herring Gulls flying N.) Graham

a.m.-p.m. 4 PINK-FOOTED GOOSE (M.West flew in from N at 10.20hrs, stayed until 12.10hrs when flew off high to SW - 3rd site record), 132 GREYLAG GOOSE, 134 CANADA GOOSE, 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (M.West), 1 SHELDUCK (M.West), 12 MUTE SWAN, 3f SMEW, c50 MALLARD, 86 GADWALL (new record count), 73 TEAL, 80 SHOVELER (new record count), 15 WIGEON (M.West), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 12 POCHARD, 255 TUFTED DUCK, 2 WATER RAIL (1 showing well Fordbridge, 1 heard M.West), 25+ COMMON SNIPE, 2 KINGFISHER, 35 FIELDFARE, 25 REDWING, 1 MISTLE THRUSH, c30 LONG-TAILED

Weds 1 Dec 2010:
mid a.m.- early p.m. 3f SMEW (NE end of M.Lake - earliest local date, the previous being Dec 17 1995), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.West), 14 PINTAIL (over heading W - new local record count), 1 WOODCOCK (landed near trees by M23 at E end of Spynes - 15th local record), 3 GOLDEN PLOVER (over with c20 Lapwings heading SW), 1 LITTLE EGRET (ditch by railway line at WC), 1 KINGFISHER, 45+ SHOVELER (M.West), 40+ GADWALL, c30 TEAL, c240 TUFTED DUCK (M.Lake), 124 GREYLAG GOOSE (Spynes), 85 CANADA GOOSE (M.West), 1 leucistic 1st-w BLACK-HEADED GULL, c45 COMMON GULL, c25 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 4 GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, 5 GREY HERON, c200 LAPWING, 15 COMMON SNIPE, c160 FIELDFARE, c5 REDWING, 2 KESTREL (m & f), c90 GOLDFINCH (inc c80 Moors), 1 GREY WAGTAIL, c15 CHAFFINCH, 10 MEADOW PIPIT, 2 LINNET. Gordon

an unusual visitor to Jerry's feeders at his home in Redhill.