March 2013

Please note: Neil Randon has taken over the running of this blog from Thursday 16th Feb. Please report your sightings to Neil at from now on.

Sun March 31, 2013: 1705hrs-1820hrs: 1 LITTLE GULL (M. Lake until at least 1800hrs), 2 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (WC2), c20 FIELDFARE, 1 REDWING, 1 COMMON SNIPE (all Moors). Neil Hadden

11.15hrs-12noon: 1 LITTLE GULL (winter plumage adult, M.Lake), 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (WC2). Neil Randon

LITTLE GULL on Mercer's Lake (Neil Randon)
7.45hrs-11.50hrs: 1 LITTLE GULL (winter plumage adult), 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (WC2), 1f GOLDENEYE (M.Lake), 2 PEREGRINE FALCON (over Middle Pit), 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 m SHELDUCK (Spynes), c3 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (2 Spynes, 1 Moors), 17 TEAL (4 Spynes, 1 M.West, c10 Moors, 2 WC1), 1 SNIPE (Moors), c20 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c15 COMMON GULL, 1 SHOVELER (WC1), c5 FIELDFARE (Moors), c3 CHIFFCHAFF (c2 Moors, 1 WC), c10 STOCK DOVE (c2 M.Farm, c8 Chilmead Farm), 1 f KESTREL (Over Moors pools), c1 COMMON BUZZARD (over Spynes area), 2 LITTLE OWL (1 M.Farm, another on fencepost Chilmead Farm), c10 LESSER REDPOLL (N of Middle Pit), 2 ROOK (M.Farm), 1 KINGFISHER (over brook by sand track), 1 MISTLE THRUSH (Moors). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

am: 2 WHEATEAR (1 male and poss. 1st winter male, Nutfield Ridge). Tom Cahalane

Sat March 30, 2013: 1 LITTLE GULL (winter plumage adult M.Lake), 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (island at WC), 1 LITTLE EGRET. Gordon Hay

Fri March 29, 2013: 1545hrs-1745hrs: 1 ad LITTLE GULL (M Lake until at least 16.25hrs), 1 or 2 LITTLE EGRET (Moors, Merstham flood), 1 SHELDUCK (Spynes), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (Spynes, Moors), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (flooded field Chilmead Farm, but flew off W 1630), 2 CHIFFCHAFF (Moors). Neil Hadden

06.45hrs-12noon: 1 LITTLE GULL (winter plumage adult at M.West briefly, then later M.Lake), 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (m Spynes. First for year - 97th new species), 1 REDSHANK (over WC1. First for year - 96th new species), 9 JACK SNIPE (Moors), 1 MEDITERRANEAN GULL (M.Farm), 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), c3 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (1 Spynes, 1 Moors, 1 WC), 1 m SHELDUCK (Spynes), 4 SHOVELER (1 WC1, 3 Middle Pit), c16 TEAL (6 Spynes, c10 Moors), c3 SNIPE (Spynes), c15 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c15 COMMON GULL, c1,200 BLACK-HEADED GULL (following tractor M.Farm), c2 REDWING (Moors), c3 FIELDFARE (Nutfield Marsh), 1 TREECREEPER (M. Park), c4 BULLFINCH (c3 N of Middle Pit, 1 by M.West gate), c4 CHIFFCHAFF (1 nr Sewage Farm, c3 Moors), 2 SKYLARK (2 singing m, 1 over M.Farm, 1 over Middle Pit), c3 YELLOWHAMMER (M.Farm), 1 PHEASANT (M.Farm), c30 STOCK DOVE (c2 M.Farm, c28 Chilmead Farm), 2 REED BUNTING (1m Spynes reedbed, 1 Moors), 2 KESTREL (1 over Spynes, 1 Moors), c3 COMMON BUZZARD (1 pale phase bird M.Farm, then 3 together later over Spynes area), 1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), 2 GREY WAGTAIL (1 over WC Mound, 1 WC1). Ian Kehl, Gordon Hay and Steve Gale 

pm: 1 KITTIWAKE (deceased, 95th new species. WC). Steve Gale 

Thurs March 28, 2013: 12.30hrs-15.30hrs: 1 LITTLE GULL (M.Lake. First for year - 94th new species). Michael Bassett

Mon March 25, 2013-Wed March 27, 2013: no reported sightings

Sun March 24, 2013: 15.30hrs-17.30hrs: 1 poss 2 AVOCET (1 M.Lake on raft with gulls 15.35 but gone by 1630, it or another Moors 16.55hrs until at least 17.25hrs. 9th sight record), 1 SHELDUCK (Spynes), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (1 Spynes, 1 Moors), 1 GREEN SANDPIPER (Chilworth Farm, flooded field E side Cormongers Lane bridge), c 8 FIELDFARE (M.Farm & M.C Park). Neil Hadden

am: 1 WHEATEAR (flying low towards the farm buildings on N edge of Nutfield Marsh. First for year - 93rd new species), 1 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (Spynes), 1 SHOVELER (WC1), GADWALL, 2 LITTLE GREBE (pair, WC1), 1 KESTREL (over WC1), 2 MISTLE THRUSH (pair, sheep paddocks), 4 MEADOW PIPIT (W of WC2). Peter Emery

6.55hrs-10.25hrs: 2 GOOSANDER (pair high over Spynes flew East over M23. first for year - 92nd new species), 1 LITTLE EGRET (flew from Redhill Brook by Fordbridge, and later was on flood plain by sewage farm), 1 m SHELDUCK (Spynes), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (1 Spynes, 1 Moors), 1 SHOVELER (WC1), c11 TEAL (3 Spynes, c8 Moors), c4 SNIPE (Spynes), c34 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (c5 M Lake, c21 Spynes, 3 M.West, c5 Moors), c12 COMMON GULL (c3 Spynes, c3 M.West, c6 Moors), c15 REDWING (incl c10 horse paddocks M.Farm), c50 FIELDFARE (incl 43 horse paddocks M. Farm), 1 TREECREEPER (trees by wooden bridge nr landfill, Moors), 2 MISTLE THRUSH (Moors), 2 BULLFINCH (pair WC mound), c4 CHIFFCHAFF (calling birds, no singing m). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay 

Tues March 19, 2013-Sat March 23, 2013: no reported sightings 

Mon March 18, 2013: 1 YELLOW-LEGGED GULL (WC1, Moors). David Campbell 

YELLOW-LEGGED GULL (with HERRING GULL, right) ON WC1. (David Campbell)
Sun March 17, 2013: 6.50hrs - 10.35hrs: 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 m SHELDUCK (Spynes), 1 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (Moors), c7 SHOVELER (c5 Moors, 2 WC1), 2 POCHARD (1 f Moors, 1 f WC2), c8 TEAL (4 field S of Spynes, c2 Spynes 2 WC1), 7 WIGEON (Presumably same 4 m & 3 f as last week, on flood plain by sewage farm), c4 SNIPE (c3 Spynes, 1 Moors), 1 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Spynes), c2 COMMON GULL, c30 STOCK DOVE (Chilmead Farm), c4 CHIFFCHAFF (1 singing m to N of M.West gate, 1 Willow Wood, c2 Moors), c5 REDWING, c2 FIELDFARE, 5 f PHEASANT (field S of Spynes), 1 LITTLE OWL (M.Farm), c30 LINNET (Chilmead Farm), 1 KINGFISHER (over Redhill Brook, Moors). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Thur March 14, 2013-Sat March 16, 2013: no reported sightings
Wed March 13, 2013: am: 4 JACK SNIPE, 8 COMMON SNIPE, 2 REED BUNTING (Moors). Neil Randon
Tues March 12, 2013: 1 LITTLE EGRET, 125 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, c2500 BLACK-HEADED GULL, 25 FIELDFARE, 1 possible WATER PIPIT (Moors). Gordon Hay

Mon March 11, 2013: no reported sightings

Sun March 10, 2013: 07.00hrs-10.55hrs: 3 AVOCET (swimming on M.Lake at 7.15 am, then flew to M.West where again swimming in middle of water. Still at M.West at 9.00 am - first for year - 91st new species - 8th site record), 1 DUNLIN (winter plumage bird on Moors then flew off north - first for year - 90th new species), 3 LITTLE EGRET, 3 SHELDUCK (1 pair Spynes, with another m), 11 JACK SNIPE (Moors), c8 SHOVELER (c7 Mid-Pit, 1 Moors), 1 POCHARD (WC2), c7 TEAL (2 M West, c3 Spynes, c2 Moors), 7 WIGEON (4 m & 3 f on flood plain by sewage farm), c8 SNIPE (Spynes), 1 WATER RAIL (Moors, nr wooden bridge by landfill, had prey in bill - newt?), c7 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (Spynes), c8 COMMON GULL (c3 Spynes, c5 M.Lake), (1 Redhill Brook near fordbridge, 2 Moors), c11 STOCK DOVE (Chilmead Farm), 1 COMMON BUZZARD (over landfill being mobbed by Crows), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (1 M.Lake, 1 Spynes), 1 TREECREEPER (M.Park), 1 MISTLE THRUSH (Willow Wood), 41 MEADOW PIPIT (mostly flying N), 2 CHIFFCHAFF (2 singing m N of M. Lake). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay  

3 AVOCET, 2 MEDITERRANEAN GULL, 2 PINTAIL (pair over - first for year 88th new species), 1 BARN OWL (over Chilmead Farm. First for year 89th new species), 7 LITTLE EGRET (roosting at the back of WC1). Des Ball

Thurs March 7, 2013 - Sat March 9, 2013: no reported sightings

Wed March 6, 2013: 4 LITTLE EGRET, 1 COMMON BUZZARD, 1 SPARROWHAWK. No sign of Mediterranean Gull. Gordon Hay

Tues March 5, 2013: 11.00hrs-12.00hrs: 1 MEDITERRANEAN GULL (M.Lake - 1st for year - 87th new species), 3 SHELDUCK, 3 LITTLE EGRET, 1 GREEN SANDPIPER. Graham James 

Mon March 4, 2013: 12.30hrs-13.00hrs: 4 CHIFFCHAFF (1 in full song in bushes by sewage works), 1 SISKIN (male in full song in same bush), 1 f SPARROWHAWK, 1 COMMON BUZZARD, 2 COAL TIT. Matt Farmer

Sun March 3, 2013: 07.05hrs-10.55hrs: 1 LITTLE EGRET (Moors), 1 f GOLDENEYE (M West), 3 SHELDUCK (1 pair Spynes, then male chased off another male over M.West. Presumably 2nd male later on Moors), 2 EGYPTIAN GOOSE (Field south of Spynes), 6 POCHARD (1 Spynes, 1 M.West, 4 WC1), c12 TEAL (c10 Spynes, c2 Moors), c31 SHOVELER (c30 Middle Pit, 1 Moors), c9 SNIPE (c4 Spynes, c3 M.West, c2 Moors), c15 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (c4 Spynes, c11 M.Lake), c100 HERRING GULL (incl 1 ringed 1st Winter bird at Spynes - red ring on left leg, with letters 'VJB'.), c10 COMMON GULL, 1 STOCK DOVE (Ash near Willow Wood),  1 GREY WAGTAIL (1 pool by bridge nr Railway Line, Moors), 1 SPARROWHAWK (Moors), 2 COMMON BUZZARD (1 east end of Spynes, 1 over WC Mound), 2 TREECREEPER (trees nr landfill, Moors), 1 LITTLE OWL (Oak, M Farm), 1 SKYLARK (singing male over M.Farm), 2 REDWING (field S of Spynes), c30 FIELDFARE (field S of Spynes), 1 PHEASANT (field S of Spynes), 2 BULLFINCH (1 pair in hedge S of Spynes), 1 YELLOWHAMMER (1 singing male hedgeS  of Spynes), 1 SISKIN (1 singing male, tree by Ssandtrack M.Park), c3 REED BUNTING (Spynes overflow). Ian Kehl and Gordon Hay

Fri March 1, 2013 - Sat March 2, 2013: no reported sightings